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The latest issue of Meditation News, the UK Community Newsletter is now available to download and read here.

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Some articles are available as separate news items on the website through the links below or listed on // The February WCCM International newsletter is also available and the next issue will be added to our website when it is available.

  • Revd Dr Sarah Bachelard – The Call of Contemplative Church
    While Sarah is in the UK she is keen to meet as many people as possible so we are organising a tour which will work its way down the country ending at the Meditatio Centre in London on Saturday 15th June.  This page has an overview, full details will be added the the Events page as they become available.
  • In Meditatio News  Diana Ohlson our Meditatio Country Coordinator updates us on work to use the new Regions organisation to support and increase outreach in more areas.

  • Sue Clarke, Special Interest Coordinator for Clergy who Meditate, writes about a the start of a new venture, the  Contemplative Clergy Network which will support clergy who have a passion to see Contemplative Practice grow in our churches and communities.
  • Peace and the Environmental Impact of War by Sarah Feeney considers the ecological effects of war in our troubled world.
  •  Jim Green writes about moving beyond self into being the Kingdom in his aptly titled short Meditation: Be the Kingdom.
  • In Seven-Day Silent Retreat Mark Ball uses the experience of last years retreatants to encourage you to consider joining this year’s retreat at Whalley Abbey in September.
  • Aldous Huxley and Grey Eminence is an excellent article by Roger Layet about Huxley’s life of contemplation and his biography of Fr Joseph of Paris, an extraordinary combination of 17th century mystic and politician.

There are listings of UK events including some from Bonnevaux and the new Meditatio Centre programme. The contacts list has been updated (the latest version is always available on the website).

The next issue will be available in mid-June.  Please send articles to: and events to: to reach us by 1 May.

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