Meditation and the Environment

Contemplative consciousness is integral to the saving of our planet, to the healing of our relationship with Earth.  Indeed, meditation can help in our response to the climate catastrophe and environmental destruction as it increases our awareness of the sacredness and the interdependence of everything and everyone on our planet.  It may also lead us to be more activity and responsive to the crisis we are facing.   If you want to look more deeply at the contemplative response to the climate emergency, Jim Green’s online course “Contemplating Earth” can be found here.

On a daily basis, sometimes you might choose to accompany your meditation practice with a reading that speaks of our environment, the natural world and the interconnectedness of all things and beings in God’s creation.  As starters, here are some examples:

Learning to meditate is not learning to do, it is learning to be. It is learning to be yourself, to enter into the gift of your own being …. learning to accept the gift of your own being, of your own creation. To be in harmony with your own being and with your continuous creation is also to be in harmony with all of creation around us, it is being in harmony with the creator. 
John Main

The stillness and silence of meditation, as a spiritual practice, changes the world because it changes us, as a way of connecting with a consciousness beyond the self… (to) a deeper awareness. We unite in our common need to protect the earth. A daily practice of meditation can be a catalyst for ongoing sustainable action for the environment.   
Laurence Freeman

Let us come alive to the splendour that is all around us and see the beauty in ordinary things. Let me seek, then, the gift of silence, and poverty, and solitude, where everything I touch is turned into prayer, where the sky is my prayer, the birds are my prayer, the wind in the trees is my prayer, for God is all in all.  
Thomas Merton

Other readings can be found on our environment leaflet, available for download here or on request using our online contact form.

Sarah Feeney is the Special Interest Coordinator for the Environment in WCCM in the UK.  She is involved with the international community of WCCM in larger outreach projects; is helping to develop an environmental charter for the UK community; is establishing relationships with other ‘green’ and environmental faith groups and would like to help seed meditation groups in such communities.

If you would like to contact Sarah Feeney, to become part of a small environmental team, or for any other reason, please  click Contact Details for her email address. 

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