Lone Meditators

‘Linking Hearts’ is a network for meditators who live in parts of the country which don’t yet have local meditation groups, and for people who find difficulty in travelling to their nearest Meditation group.  It is also there for meditators who don’t yet use technology. The main purpose of ‘Linking Hearts’ is to encourage meditators, who may feel isolated in their practice, to feel and experience that they are part of a meditating community. They can contact the Coordinator at any time.

Members receive a list of contact details of other members, including their times of meditation, so that people can contact one another if they wish, and remember that others are meditating at the times included on the list.   They are invited to subscribe to the WCCM’s quarterly Newsletters and the Lone Meditator Coordinator also sends out a newsletter twice a year and forwards information about activities and events run by the Community.

To find out more about the Network, contact Pam Winters.  Telephone numbers are available here.

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