Meditation in Prisons

Christian Meditation is being taught in prisons in many parts of the world including the UK.  Those who take teaching into prisons have seen from their own experience, how a regular Meditation practice can support change in prisoners’ lives, giving hope and a more positive attitude towards themselves and others.  After release they are encouraged to continue their practice of meditation.

Prison chaplaincy is central in enabling Christian Meditation.  In some prisons Chaplains lead the sessions and in others the Chaplains support volunteers from WCCM.  Over the years WCCM has built up good relationships with prison chaplaincy and hopes to continue to develop this to enable more prisons to run Christian Meditation sessions. 

WCCM in the UK has produced a CD called ‘In the stillness of time’, which gives clear and challenging talks specifically designed to inspire prisoners to develop a regular meditation practice.  The CD can be used individually in cell or prior to a group meditation.  This resource, as well as an instructive bookmark written especially for prisoners starting to meditate can normally be obtained free of charge.

For more information and support, please contact our Coordinator for Prisons Geoff Waterhouse.  Telephone numbers are available here.

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