Living Christ: an Eastertide Anthology

The Spiritual Letters of John Main

As I prepared to become a WCCM Oblate in July 2021, alongside the Rule of St Benedict, I also read Monastery Without Walls.  The collection brings together the quarterly newsletters John Main sent around the world from the growing community in Montreal. These letters present a moving insight into his last five years of ministry, and the early flourishing of what has become the WCCM. Interweaving biblical theology, spiritual wisdom and practical advice, these words continue to encourage and inspire. It is striking how full they are of Resurrection hope and expectation.

I have selected short excerpts, arranged in chronological order, one for each day of the seven weeks of the Easter season. The teachings are paired with a scripture reading they have called to mind. Reflective reading of these texts, in the light of each other, has given rise to the accompanying contemplative wordings. Together, they are offered to nurture lectio divina, to frame a time of meditation, or simply to ponder a while.

Celebrating Easter, may we know the breath of new life in reading scripture, learning prayer, and living Christ.

Mark Ball – Kent Regional Coordinator 
Easter 2023

John Main texts are from Monastery Without Walls edited by Laurence Freeman © Canterbury Press 2006

Biblical texts are from the New Revised Standard Version Bible. Used by permission; all rights reserved worldwide. © 1989 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America.

Reflective lectio wordings © Mark Ball 2022

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