Search for a Christian Meditation Group Near You

Enter an UK Address, Town, or a Postcode (either area code eg BS26 or the full code) to locate a Christian Meditation group near you.  When you start typing you may be offered auto-completion options.

The default search radius is 25 miles but you can change this using the Search Radius selection box.  If you are looking for groups in a specific region you can select this in the Region filter dropdown box.  If you use the region filter you will need to set a location in the region or the search radius to 500 miles.

Group locations on the map are postcodes and are not the exact meeting address.  Once you have found a group you are interested in please call your regional coordinator as detailed against the group or click on the envelope icon to email the relevant regional coordinator for more details.

If you are unable to find a local group please contact your regional coordinator. Details of all regional coordinators can be found on the Find Out About Your Region pages.

Finding a Group

The pins on the map show the centre of the postcode area for each group.

  • Either:  Scroll around the map and zoom to the area of interest.  Then click on a pin to find out when the group meets and the region. Click on the Contact List link to find the email address and phone of the Regional Coordinator to contact for more details.  
  • Or: Enter a postcode or the name of a town in the Your Location box and select the distance you are prepared to travel to build a list of groups local to you and view them on the map.   Click on More Info to show the location of a selected group.
  • Remember to click on More Info or the map pin to view the group location and contact details.
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