Meditation Companions and Spiritual Directors

What is the difference between a Meditation Companion and a Spiritual Director?

WCCM in the UK, in seeking to support our meditators as they develop their practice, is offering the opportunity to talk to both Meditation Companions and Spiritual Directors. In trying to understand whether they may be of help to you, we would like to offer a basic definition of both.

A Meditation Companion provides the opportunity for anyone within the community to ask questions about their meditation practice (or their Christian faith generally). This may arise after a retreat, School event, conference or just unpredictably at any time! Within the ever growing context of our expansive community it seems important to have one to one personal contact easily available so that the enquirer will be assured they are immediately welcome and not ‘bothering’ any one. In this context geographical proximity is not important as close communication can be established via e-mail, telephone or letter.

All Companions are long term, experienced meditators who have volunteered to fulfil this role. None of us would set ourselves up as founts of wisdom! But opportunity to listen on the one hand and voice queries on the other allows for mutual learning and growth.

Spiritual Directors have received specific training for their role and will therefore sometimes ask for a fee. The relationship relies on regular one to one meetings, so any enquirers will need to live within reasonable travelling distance. Rather than being an immediate response to a particular question Spiritual Direction is more likely to be a long term relationship where it is assumed that meetings of about an hour will take place regularly over a period of time. In this way it becomes possible to move along a growing pathway of faith that thrives on a deeper, more long-term commitment and relationship.

Both Meditation Companionship and Spiritual Direction are available within WCCM and enquiries about either are welcome. Please do get in touch.

For Meditation Companions, direct enquiries to Bob Morley by Contact Form.  Telephone numbers are available here.

To see whether there is a Spiritual Director in your area, please contact the UK Office.

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