WCCM in the UK Overview

WCCM in the UK is a national community of the World Community for Christian Meditation, a global spiritual community united in the practice of meditation in the Christian tradition.  It shares the fruits of this practice widely and inclusively, serving the unity of all and building understanding between faiths and cultures.

Community members of WCCM worldwide are those who follow the WCCM Mission Statement:

To communicate and nurture meditation as passed on through the teaching of John Main in the Christian tradition in the spirit of serving the unity of all.

In practical terms this means that the community offers opportunities for people to learn about meditation, helps them to deepen their practice over the years and encourages them to provide opportunities for others to do the same – not only though local group meetings but also through sharing meditation more widely in such spheres as prisons, schools and the marginalised in our society, as a few examples.

At a local level, the UK community is widespread and many followers meet on a regular, mostly weekly, basis to meditate together in churches, halls and homes.  These groups help to nurture and support a growing practice of meditation.  Structurally, groups are ordered into regions to facilitate communication, local contact and the organisation of regional activities such as quiet days and retreats.  You can find your local group and region here.  As well as meeting in physical groups, the community facilitates on-line meditation and providing the opportunity to meditate with others at most times of the day and night across the globe.  You can search for online groups here.

At a national level there are essential teaching weekends and silent retreats as well as an annual conference for sharing and deepening the practice.

The UK charity is run almost exclusively by volunteers.  The organisation of WCCM in the UK is through a registered charity with a Board of Trustees  and a National Council comprising principally the Regional and Special Interest Coordinators and guided by a National Liaison.  The day-to-day facilitation of the community is managed through a body called the National Coordinating Team, chaired by the National Liaison, along with a very small office team.  If you would like to become involved, at a local, regional or national level, please contact the UK Office, see the Contact List for email address and phone.  A list of current roles and contact details are recorded on the back of the newsletter, which is published 4 times a year, and you can find the most recent and historical copies here.

Alternatively, please contact the office through the Contact Us facility

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Contact Details

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