People with Learning Disabilities

A small group of people with and without learning disabilities have been meeting online weekly to share a short period of meditation together. We were originally particularly linked with L’Arche communities, in which different people have meditated together in different ways for many years, with Carolina Ghuizan from L’Arche as the Coordinator. We have now expanded, with Carolina, to include a group in Brighton and we hope that others will join us, or connect with us to perhaps develop Christian meditation practices in other areas of the country.

Two people with close links to the WCCM and L’Arche communities, Mary Kelly Robison and Hazel Bradley have produced a guidebook to help people with and without learning disabilities to know more about and practice meditation. Our online group uses this guidebook which helps support group members with and without learning disabilities to lead different parts of our session. A copy of this guidebook can be downloaded here:

Mary and Hazel are part of another international online group in which people linked to L’Arche and/or WCCM come together to meditate for 20 minutes on a Thursday afternoon. To find out more about L’Arche/WCCM Interaction, including how to join the weekly online meditation sessions contact Mary Kelly Robison at

Please contact the Special Interest Coordinator, Celia Gurowich, if you would like more details about the Zoom meetings, or to discuss issues relating to meditation with people with learning disabilities more broadly using this contact form. Telephone numbers are available here.

Our group in the UK has produced an invitation, which explains what we do in our meetings:

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