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Meditatio, the outreach arm of WCCM, has just celebrated ten years of exploring sharing the gift of Christian Meditation with the secular world. In particular with those who, because of their circumstances, may otherwise not have the opportunity to experience the life changing blessings that meditation can bring into their lives.

After these years of working hard to create connections and prove the value of the work, a real momentum is growing that is both very exciting but humbling, because the gift of meditation releases the joy of loving encounters for everyone involved. The logo of the WCCM shows two doves, one looking inward and drinking in the life giving waters of the spirit, and the other turned outwards to the world. Like the natural rhythm of breathing, the deep inner work releases the flowing out and sharing of love.

This is the first Meditatio Letter which will bring news and brief updates of Meditatio activities taking place in the UK. The UK Newsletter will run longer articles as before, exploring in more depth areas where this sharing is taking place.

Meditatio want to invite many more meditators to be a part of the opportunities that are opening up. There are now so many different ways that you can be involved, and guidance and ongoing support is there to ensure that you will feel confident in taking the first steps, and to make sure that there is ongoing advice available to turn to at any time.

One example of Outreach currently taking place is the inspirational work being undertaken by Terry Doyle in the area of Social Justice. He shares meditation with the homeless, asylum seekers and with those feeling marginalized by society. The need for more help with this vital task could not be more urgent at the moment.
Mary Devane, a long time meditator and with many years of working in the prison service, is currently starting to share news of a new Toolkit that she has produced for taking this invaluable gift of meditation to prisoners and the staff who work with them. (See page 5 for more details.)

Pat Hay and her team are re-launching Meditation with Children. They are seeking people willing to go into primary schools to bring support to the teachers by meditating alongside them in the classroom as they introduce the practice to their pupils. There will be online follow on guidance for the staff, but personal encouragement is vital, especially in the early stages. Again, the need for this work is so important following the impact on young people of the pandemic and the stress that many of their families are currently suffering.

Sarah Feeney is keen to hear from anyone prepared to reach out to other faith organisations interested in ecology and the climate crisis, in order to share the capacity of meditation to create the essential changes to hearts and minds for the challenges ahead. (See page 6 for further details.)

After seven years of carefully monitored research, Beate Steller, a long time meditator with the WCCM and specialist in Care of the Elderly, has fine tuned a programme for introducing meditation and contemplative activities for people living in Care Homes. Beate has found that the practice brings peace and meaning to people at this stage of their lives and that it is a deeply satisfying experience to be allowed to share it with them. She has produced detailed instructions as to how to start, and full information about the activities that have proved helpful. All of this she will share online to anyone drawn to this work. If this interests you, can you send me your name and we will set up an online session with Beate. (See page 6 for more information.)

Different areas again which may attract you more, and are covered by Meditatio, are Business, the Academic world, and IT and the changes in Technology rushing towards us all. The crucial relevance of the contemplative mind to keep the balance in these disciplines is so vital, and Meditatio would love to hear from you if you are interested.

Meditatio wants to thank everyone in the UK community who has already so generously given time and dedication to the Outreach programme. There is such a variety of paths to explore in sharing meditation, all richly rewarding and full of interest and personal learning. All that is needed now is your enthusiasm and support!

Diana Ohlson – Meditatio Country Coordinator.
(Contact details here )

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