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I am writing this after being on the recent climate protests in London (in April), reflecting on the large number of Christian organisations and charities that came together for the ‘No Faith in Fossil Fuels’ service at St John’s Church in Waterloo, with a subsequent procession of over 1,400 Christians to Parliament. Besides Christian Climate Action, there was representation from a range of Christian organisations such as Tearfund, CAFOD, Green Christian, and the Salvation Army, plus a number of clergy. If interested, here is the link for the letter, written by a number of Christian charities, that the former Archbishop of York, Lord Sentamu tried, unsuccessfully, to deliver to Shell Headquarters en route .

I met some other meditators from WCCM there. The climate and environmental crisis, with its subsequent social injustices, are a great concern, and have been for some time, for many Christian organisations, with WCCM being part of that movement of growing awareness and concern. WCCM has its own contribution to make in the realm of contemplative prayer, and offering the practice of meditation to others.

I did take some WCCM leaflets to distribute at what was called the ‘Faith Hub’ but I was so ‘in the moment’ with the service and the march that I completely forgot to give them out! I’m sure there will be further opportunities, though, for such outreach for WCCM. If interested in assisting with this, please contact me.

New online meditation group

It seems very timely, then, to mention a new weekly online meditation group, with a focus on the ecological crisis, which started on Thursday May 4th at 7.00pm. The meditation is followed by a time of sharing thoughts and feelings around the climate crisis. It is open to all meditators, not just those in the UK. It is led by Jane Greenlees, a UK meditator. If you would like to join, please contact Jane on This is an initiative by Meditatio, the outreach arm of WCCM, which has other resources under its Earth Crisis: Climate and Ecology programme.

Earth Crisis Forum talks

These talks are hosted by different meditators from around the world, focusing on how the crises are affecting their countries. So far, there have been talks hosted by Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. Recordings of previous talks can be found on the main WCCM website, on the Earth Crisis: Climate and Ecology section, under Outreach.

Further talks are planned for this year from other countries. If you would like to be on the mailing list for these webinars, please contact Kate Middleton at

Earth Crisis Forum blog

There is a new blog space on MYWCCM to share information and ideas with each other about all things climate and ecology. Again, please look under the Earth Crisis: Climate and ecology section, for how to join.

Faith and Environmental Organisations .

The Earth Crisis: Climate and Ecology section, also, has a list of relevant faith and environmental organisations that meditators might be interested in.

Ecology Matters!

Sarah Feeney
Special Interest Coordinator for the Environment

Photograph from Christian Climate Action.
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