Benedict’s Well

Image: WCCM Oblates

All are welcome at Benedict’s Well!

Benedict’s Well is an International online meditation and reflection group that meets on Zoom every Monday at 9 a.m. GMT for a total of one hour. The group is hosted by Benedictine Oblates of the World Community for Christian Meditation.

From Australia
“I like to join because I love the idea of being connected to other meditators all around the world.”

From Canada
“It is such a privilege to meditate together from everywhere. It is a special connection, and like friends.”

From Spain
“Being connected worldwide and when I meet some of you in person I feel I know you already – especially the speakers.”

Benedict’s Well is open to anyone who wants to deepen their meditation practice, has an interest in the monastic tradition and would like the support of a community online for their spiritual journey.

From Asia
Support of a group is the best guarantee to remain a faithful meditator.

From Europe
“I enjoy the silent prayer fellowship and the sharing of experience as Christians, and I brush up my English, too!”

Each week, there is a time of silent meditation with a reading to prepare us for meditation and then there is a guest speaker.

The group is ecumenical and from all over the world, but united in meditation and the nourishment of shared reflection on their Christian faith journey.

From Ireland
“Finding deep resonance with the speakers.”

From UK
“Shared wisdom and love with prayer united in spirit with some many kindred spirits from around the world and for peace in the world.”

A regular speaker is Father Laurence. Over the 3 years that we have been meeting, many speakers have offered their reflections and wisdom. You may wish to offer your own reflections!

From the UK
“It keeps me connected to everyone and keeps me anchored.”

From New Zealand
“Inspiration and encouragement from soul friends”

From Australia
“Inspiration and encouragement from soul friends.”

From Europe
“My week feels empty otherwise.”

The quotes here are some of the wonderful testimonies we gathered from a recent time of sharing at Benedict’s Well. They come from those who join together on a regular basis from across the world.
All are welcome at Benedict’s Well!

Please feel welcome to come to Benedict’s Well. Send send an email to and we will then send you the weekly Zoom link.

You can watch previous sessions of Benedict’s Well on YouTube.  Please note we have a period of silent meditation at the beginning of our time together.

With blessings from the Benedict’s Well Team

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