Unified Consciousness: One Mind One Heart

 Unified Consciousness is the WCCM theme for 2022. The essential reality of the consciousness of mind and heart is a shared insight of all spiritual traditions as well as of the greatest scientists of the modern era. In a series of talks throughout the year, spiritual teachers, social leaders, thinkers and writers with contemplative wisdom will explore its meaning for us today.

Each monthly session will be hosted by Laurence Freeman who will also open the discussion between the speaker and the audience. A Chat Room for further reflection among the participants will also be made available between the regular sessions.

Details of the series of talks including how to book are available here on the WCCM website.

Unified Consciousness is our original home, our source of being, our quest and our true home.
Laurence Freeman OSB

Introducing the theme of Unified Consciousness

Father Laurence Freeman invited His Holiness to talk about how heart and mind can be combined in a unified consciousness. Essentially, how can someone be transformed into a more loving person. This talk was held online on 1st December 2021 and introduces the theme of the 2022 series: Unified Consciousness.

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