The Meditatio Centre Programme 2023


‘Meditation and Community in the Heart of the City’ for 10 years.

At the heart of everything we offer at The Meditatio Centre is the practice of meditation. This way of contemplative silence as we teach it is rooted in the teaching of Jesus on prayer and by the tradition that put it into practice. In meditation we learn to live from the silent dynamic centre which unites all humanity, a centre in which we are freed to engage with life itself, in all its aspects and in all its fullness.

The Meditatio Centre is part of The World Community for Christian Meditation which was formed in 1991. It was inspired by the vision of John Main, a Benedictine monk, to teach meditation as a way to help restore the contemplative dimension of life. Its spiritual foundation is the daily practice of meditation and the local meditation group. People from all walks and stages of life meet weekly in over 100 countries. The theme for WCCM 2023 is Metanoia: Let our Minds be Remade and we hope that our programme will help you to reflect on this throughout the year.

Details of the Meditatio Centre Programme for 2023 are available on our website or as a  pdf download.  A listing of events is available in Meditation News the WCCM in the UK newsletter.  We look forward to welcoming you to join us in our 10th Anniversary Year and trust that you will find here much that will nourish and support you on your way. 

To contact us: T: 020 7278 2070 or E:

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