Thank heaven for meditation

Minute by minute my life slips away,
How much longer will my heart let me stay?
the only gift that I possess
life, is
Tossed to the wind as I process.

Nought do I bring to each tiny second, but
A hailstorm of wrath from way before
Or dreams of the future to explore.

No time here to stand and stare
                                                               at the beauty of nature.
Feel clean fresh air,
I fill my thoughts with strife and misgiving,
Eat my heart out with the ugliness of living.
Distressed to the core of all that might happen.
If I don’t change my thoughts from their crazy pattern.

(My sleep being thwart with dreams unreal)

To my non thinking part I must gently appeal.
Bring back the knowing of my beautiful self.
Before my body enclosed me I had naked good health!
More like a breath with fairy soft wings
Making decisions without thrashing it through
Instinctively knowing what I must do.
Maintaining my joy, understanding my past
Sensing, discerning, all wise to the truth
Not crazy and troubled to wear myself out
                                                               with mountains of fear.

If I lived with peace quietly would stillness appear?
If I tried hard to listen to me could every minute
                                                               more lovingly be?

Try coming to stillness
The wise monks would say,

Would that bring us to heaven
In our own special way?

We don’t need to wait it will arrive in our hearts
Peace with understanding – before we depart!

Who am I what can I say
I’m addicted to thinking, self-talk everyday
Moment by moment my thought wants to grow
Takes my attention away, new themes to sow.
The present moment is lost in this melee of thoughts
My level of awareness reaches just nought.

How can I calm the voice inside make thinking
Perceive without comment, leave gaps between fears,
would make life less discordant?

These pauses, gaps that I could fill with truth beyond
                                                               all musing
Could give me back my ‘isness’, stop the ceaseless
Embrace the person who is me, glimpse pictures of eternity.
Surrender to the moment where our problems don’t
Meditate to stay awake to reach unbinding bliss.

Chris Hill

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