Peggy Jackson

Image: WCCM in the UK

Peggy Jackson – 29 February 1919 – 22 March 2024

WCCM meditators in the village of Dalston, near Carlisle and throughout Cumbria, UK are saddened by the death of Peggy Jackson.

She was 105 and died peacefully in her own home, in the village square, overlooking St Michael’s Church, with her carers and friends close by. This picture was taken only 2 weeks before her death.

Rev Kathleen Reale, local group leader, estimates that Peggy became involved in WCCM in the 1990’s when the Dalston group was run by Rae Lister, an Anglican Lay Reader. Peggy went on to lead the group by default once it started meeting in her home and continued until about 2018 aged 99. Her home was a place of radical hospitality – that blue front door always open night and day and a very warm welcome to all. Everyone in the village knew her. She blessed everyone who entered and she exuded a calm, sparkly heartfelt peace in her eyes, face, voice and hugs. Once asking herself “why am I still here?” It was clear that her calling was to pray for her family, friends, neighbours, village, city, county, country and world.

I turned up as a stranger at her blue door in 2009, unannounced and she took me in and introduced me to the power of stillness, silence and the mantra Maranatha. It was in Peggy’s house that I met my now husband. Peggy was our bridesmaid aged 99, going behind us down the aisle on her mobility scooter with a bouquet of daffodils to ‘Thine Be The Glory’.

St Michael’s Church, Dalston was packed full for Peggy’s funeral on 11th April 2024 with 3 vicars leading the service. Kathleen, one of them, gave the eulogy and summed Peggy up with this prayer by Martin Israel:

Let the healing grace of your love, Lord, so transform me that I may play my part in the transfiguration of the world from a place of suffering, death and corruption to a realm of infinite light , joy, and love.
Make me so obedient to your Spirit that my life becomes a living prayer and a witness to your unfailing presence.

Peggy is survived by a son in law, 3 grandsons and 2 great grandchildren in Cumbria, a granddaughter in London and 2 great grandchildren… and many many friends who, because of Peggy, are still meditating.

Rev Pauline Steenbergen

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