Newsletters – 2022 Issue 1

The first 2022 issues of the UK Newsletter Meditation News and the international WCCM Newsletter along with a leaflet about the UK Annual Conference are now available here as a PDF download. We expect printed copies should be with subscribers by the middle of February.

The online edition is published as soon as it is completed and is normally available several weeks before the printed copies!  If you would like to be notified when it is on the website, please contact the UK Office (email: and ask to be added to the Newsletter email distribution list.

Meditation News brings the great news that the UK Annual Conference with Fr Laurence Freeman and James Thornton leading the talks will take place in June and booking is now open (see leaflet).  And there are details of a UK Pilgrimage to Bonnevaux and a Summer Retreat, both in July.

We welcome Julie Roberts as our new WCCM in the UK National Coordinator and in Holding the Light! Julie explains the important place that WCCM has in her life and looks forward to representing the UK Community.  Julie has also provided us with a summary of the November National Council meeting where the priorities for the coming year were set.

We also welcome Joanne Caine who takes over from Julie as the School of Meditaton in the UK Coordinator and there are details of the Essential Teaching and Retreat programme for this year.  If you would like to find out about Essential Teaching, Steven Waling and David Jackmann share their experiences of the Workshop in October.

Bob Morley provides an introduction to Mary Magdalene from a recent Cumbrian Meditators’ Living with the Mystics day and there are introductions to two books: Just Turn Up! the meditators companion, a practical guide by Julie Roberts, and Forty Days of Silence – Insights of Contemplative Writers by Jane Hole from the New Zealand community.

There are updates to Oblate and Community events and the Contacts pages and information about some WCCM online meetings that are of particular interest in the UK.

In Rediscovering oneness, Fr Laurence’s letter in WCCM Newsletter, he reflects on the community’s theme for this year, Unified Consciousness: One Mind One Heart  which is a Journey Transcending All Divisions, and why it matters that we understand it and develop it.  Associated with this is a summary of the Dalai Lama’s Opening Reflection given to the Community on 1st December and details of the supporting programme.

There are other series planned for this year: in Seeing What St Paul Saw (28 March – 28 November, 4 sessions), Fr Laurence will connect the earthy mysticism of Paul with our own inner journey, and explore how it changes the options we face about how we live; Future of Intelligence is another online series looking at science and spirituality will start in April; and there will be an Evening Talks series starting in March.

The second newsletter in 2022 will be available in early May.  The last date for submitting articles and events for Meditation News is 1 April 2022.

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