Meditating with Children in Schools

When sharing meditation with adults you often hear them say ‘I wish I had been taught this earlier.’  They may be surprised to hear that WCCM has been sharing this gift in schools for over ten years here in the UK and in many countries round the world.

Recently the WCCM published International Guidelines for this work throughout the world. This has given us a new impetus and here in the UK we are asking our meditators to help.

In order to offer this support meditators would need to be familiar with the in-service training we offer to schools and this will be provided using online sessions. Meditators are paired up and have the support of someone who has previously given this input to schools.

There is more information on our Meditation with Children in Schools page including a short video to explain what Christian Meditation is about and a longer video which answers some of the questions that teachers ask.

Our Meditation with Children in Schools coordinator is Pat Hay whose contact details are on the Contacts Page.

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