John Main Seminar 14-17 September 2023

New Wine, New Skins
John Main Seminar 2023 - Online, September 14-17
Led by Cynthia Bourgeault, Andrew Harvey and Laurence Freeman

A wineskin was usually made of goat or sheep skin to store or transport wine. Putting new wine into old skins while it was still fermenting risked breaking the skin and losing the wine. Jesus uses the metaphor to illustrate the perennial freshness of the revolution he began and continues to drive – his empowering call to a renewed consciousness that will manifest new forms and structures of human life. Christians pray that this ‘reign of God will come on earth as in heaven’.

This powerful parable will inspire the trio of teachers presenting this year’s John Main Seminar, the 39th. Each sees the urgency of a renewed global Christianity empowering the breakthrough in consciousness and behaviour that humanity needs to survive. With very different voices, minds and life-experience, they are friends, serving a common cause, who believe in the transformative potential of our present Dark Night. This depends on the new wine of the mystical wisdom traditions being rediscovered and poured into new containers and into unprecedented religious and societal channels. Some forms of the community that meditation is forming and recreating are already signs of the coming new era.

Their individual presentations during the Seminar, their interactions with each other and with the participants will doubtless stretch the skin of the Seminar format to breaking point. However, the whole will include workshops led by each of the three, group discussions and a workshop on Embodiment by Giovanni Felicioni. The skin will be strengthened by the regular times of prayer and meditation.

As is the custom, the pre-Seminar meditation retreat will be led by Laurence who will invite contributions from Andrew and Cynthia. Giovanni will lead a daily embodiment session. This retreat is both for the beginning and ongoing meditator.
John Main Seminar In Person Event from Bonnevaux
This event will also run from Bonnevaux, France, you can view the in-person event page here. 


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