151202 Advent ReflectionWCCM worldwide provide useful online resources that can be accessed from the WCCM website:

  • Daily Wisdom - a 'thought for the day' taken from the writings of John Main, Fr Laurence and others, that can be used during your preparation for meditation or afterwards.
  • Seasonal Reflections for Advent and Lent - series of slightly longer structured readings and commentary that form a simple Lent or Advent course.  Again these can be used before meditation or as preparation for Easter and Christmas.
  • Weekly Readings - longer readings that can be used before meditation along with a short prayer or poem for afterwards.  Although intended for meditation groups they are suitable for your individual practice if you have a few minutes to spend in preparation.
  • Weekly Teachings - a four year cycle of readings that support the teaching of Christian meditation and can help your growth as a meditator.  The first 3 years are available in Food for the Journey by Kim Nataraja; the current online resource is year four.
  • Fr Laurence's Blog - a collection of thoughts updated every few days.

The current resources are available in the Support for your daily practice about halfway down the WCCM homepage.  You can sign up from the page to be notified of changes to Fr Laurence's blog. To receive the other resources by email follow these steps:

  1. In the Support for your daily practice section about halfway down the page: click on Subscribe Here.  This will take you to the WCCM Mailing List page.
  2. Add your details and set the receive button for your selected resources to Yes.
  3. When you are finished scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Update Profile.

If you sign up for Daily Wisdom you should receive an email the following day; weekly resource emails are sent on Sunday.  At the bottom of the email you will find an update subscription preferences link. If you click on the link it will take you to the Mailing List page and you can change your current details and preferences. There is an unsubscribe link too.