Ecology and Meditation

This year, global extreme weather events continue to remind us of the effects of climate change and the damage to the environment. Here in the UK, we have experienced more wild fires, heatwaves, flooding and drought, with all their devastating consequences on nature and people.

The ecological crisis is a central concern for the WCCM. Contemplative consciousness is seen as being integral to the saving of our planet. Meditation can help in our response to the climate catastrophe and environmental destruction, as it increases our awareness of the sacredness and the interdependence of everything and everyone on our planet.

I’ve come across the phrase: ‘when we increase our spiritual footprint, we decrease our carbon footprint’. I don’t know where I read it, but if anyone knows, then please let me know! It is a phrase that has stayed with me.

Part of the role of being a Special Interest Coordinator is to be a resource for the area of special interest. With this in mind, I am putting together a list of quotes and books with a focus on nature, ecology, and the ecological crisis, for the UK website. Meditators may read and use these, if they so wish, for when meditating on their own or in a group. If you have any suggestions, then please let me know. This is in addition to the ‘Meditation and the Climate’ leaflet that is on the UK website, copies of which can be obtained from the UK office.

I am mindful that the next UN Conference on Climate Change, COP 27, is being held this year in Egypt 6th to 18th November. Perhaps meditators might like to use the quotes on this leaflet, or others, during this period.

Meditators might be interested in the Earth Crisis Forum talks organised by Meditatio. The recording of the last one in July, from Australia, can be found on the main WCCM website, on the Earth Crisis: Climate and Ecology section, under Outreach. The next one is planned for November 8 this time coming from Brazil at 6pm Brazil time. Again, there will be a recording if people can’t make it. Please contact Kate Middleton at if you would like to be on the mailing list for these webinars, with more planned for next year. The Earth Crisis section, also, has a list of relevant faith and environmental organisations.

I would like to remind meditators of Jim Green’s online course, Contemplating Earth, which can be done in one’s own time. It is a very useful resource.

To finish, if anyone in the community has a particular interest in the environment and the ecological crisis, then I’d be very pleased to hear from you, as I would like to look at offering meditation to other faith and environmental groups, as well as planning future events that have an ecological focus. Also, it would be useful to share ideas and resources.

Sarah Feeney
Special Interest Coordinator for the Environment

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